Nowadays, we’re obsessed with speaking in English, reading in English and watching TV shows in English but we don’t often think to improve our writing skills in English.

We write emails in English without knowing the effect that our grammar mistakes can have on the reader and we don’t realize that we “give away” our English level in a poorly written email.


We don’t keep in mind the importance of having social profiles like Linkedin in English an what they can do for us in terms of job opportunities or that employers can search for people with “English profiles” in Linkedin, making our possibilities of being found that much higher. 

english profile

Oftentimes, we don’t have a version of our C.V. in English and if we do, it hasn’t always been proofread for mistakes.


For all of these reasons, and because writing in English helps us see the mistakes we make when we speak, it’s important to work on bettering our written English as well as our spoken English.

How can we do this?

Well, at The Warehouse, we allow students to write optional essays according to their level on a Word document and send them to Megan by email. Megan then corrects the writing assignments and emails them back, not taking up any class time but offering students valuable feedback regarding their grammar, punctuation, spelling and word choice in English.

Sin título

Getting weekly feedback on how you write can help you improve your overall grammar and feel more confident when sending that next email to a boss, coworker or future employer.



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