One of the hardest skills to improve upon when learning a foreign language is our “comprensión auditiva” or listening skills.  Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you turn on the TV.

  1. All shows in Spain are dubbed.

If you turn on the TV, no matter what language the film/TV show was originally recorded in, you’re going to hear it in Spanish. This means that you have to take one extra step and press the “languages” button on your menu to change the audio back to its original version.

  1. Subtitles are usually in Spanish

Even if you want to watch your favorite TV show in its original version, its subtitles will be in Spanish. Most times, even though subtitles in English for the show probably exist, they are not offered to you on your TV.

  1. If you’re reading the subtitles, you’re not listening.

O estás en uno, o estás en otro, pero no a la vez. Many people don’t like watching TV shows in their original languages because it feels a lot like reading, which is true. Our eyes are drawn to the bottom of the screen and a lot of times we aren’t even watching what the actors are doing: we’re reading the script at the bottom of the page: in SPANISH!

  1. Yomvi, Netflix or another type of computer-based source of TV shows is your best bet

When watching movies or TV shows on Yomvi you can change the subtitle language to English and also watch the shows in their original version.

  1. Turn off the subtitles to really work your listening skills

You’re not really working your listening skills if you’re reading. You need to turn the subtitles OFF and open your EARS and EYES to what is going on in the sitcom. You can’t possibly do everything at once, and you might not understand everything you’re listening to, but watching the TV characters and listening to them is your best bet at improving your listening skills. At first you’ll understand 50% or less, but with time, you’ll learn to appreciate watching TV shows or films in their original version WITHOUT subtitles. Take off the training wheels (rodines).


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