Octava Novela Negra

This story was written by Paula and Lucía

Chapter 1

Marina Dresden’s red skin showed through her nude makeup. She’d been crying since she found her mother dead that afternoon. Her blond hair was all knotty. She hadn’t gotten dressed.

Chapter 2

Two days earlier Marina had gone to university like a normal day. She got up at 6:00 a.m. She went to have breakfast. She ate eggs with bacon. She put on a dress, hose and heels. She was elegant and glamorous, like every day. She saw her roommate. Her roommate was asleep, or at least it looked that way. She waited for her roommate to get up. At 6:30 a.m. Rebecca John, Marina’s roommate, got up. She got dressed very fast and looked fantastic. They went together to their university and they talked about their families.

Rebecca started the conversation:

  • Do you have relatives?
  • Yes, why did you ask this question?
  • Just curious. I don’t have relatives near here.
  • Oh, I’m sorry, what happened to them?
  • I don’t want to tell you the story now, because it is very long and now we don’t have time.
  • OK, I have my sister here, my parents and a niece and a nephew.
  • Oh, you’re lucky.

Later, they spent some time in silence, and they arrived at university.

Chapter 3

At university Enrique, Marina’s secret love, wrote a letter to her. She was very nervous when she opened the letter. In the letter it said that he was falling in love with her. It said that he wanted to see her after class in the park. When the classes ended, Marina went to the park. She told Rebecca where she was going.

Chapter 4

When she went to the park she couldn’t find Enrique, she looked everywhere for him. After 3 hours she found a letter on a bench that said:

Dear Marina,

My true love, I am going to be late. I have personal problems and I can’t be here before 11 p.m. If I am not here at 23:30 p.m. you can go home. I love you.


Chapter 5

She waited for Enrique and he didn’t come so she went home. At her house she found her mother dead. As she was a detective she started to investigate the crime. She saw a broken mirror so she knew that in the crime there was a struggle. In the mirror she found a hair. She told the police to analyze the hair.

Chapter 6

The police discovered that the DNA of the hair belonged to Rebecca John, so the police arrested Rebecca. The loss of her mother was so painful that she would never get over it. Because she was so involved in her mother’s disappearance, she had completely forgotten about Enrique, her love. Enrique had given up on her and started to date her best friend. From that moment on, Marina stopped being friends with her. Rebecca had never been a friend. She was avenging the loss of her love, an ex-boyfriend Marina had stolen years ago.


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