Novena Novela Negra

This story was written by Jorge and Pablo.

Sixteen hours ago George Smith was drinking Sangria in Valencia. His beautiful beach mansion was home to him 6 months of the year. Only the biggest of cases could drag him away. The President of Italy had called him that morning. There had been a terrorist attack in the Coliseum and the victims were siblings of the president. They were killed when a bomb went off in the Coliseum. George Smith was an expert detective. His red hair, freckles and yellow eyes made him stand out in Rome. He was famous in English for being a detective. He made a mistake on a case and all the news programs shunned him. Since then he hadn’t been in the spotlight. But this was different. When he arrived they informed him of the crime. The witness was a security camera that had recorded two terrorists 1 hour before the explosion setting up a bomb.

However, the terrorists had known of all the camera locations in advance and George Smith couldn’t see the faces of the two terrorists. The police watched all the cameras and in one they saw Patricia and Alma, some well-known locals.

The police interrogated Alma and Patricia. They said that they knew the names of the two other terrorists involved in the attack and that they knew where the terrorists had planned the attack.

The police went to the motel that they had mentioned and they found the two terrorist attackers dead in the bathtub. But the police found a piece of Alma’s hair on the knife used to kill them.

George Smith: We know that you weren’t the murderers.

Alma: Yes.

George: But what were you doing last night?

Alma: I was in my house.

George: Sure?

Alma: Yes, Patricia was with me.

George: But we found a hair that is yours on the knife.

Alma: That’s impossible. I was in my house at 12:00 a.m.

George: Why did you know that it was at 12:00 a.m.?

Alma: I saw it on TV.

Goerge: We found a hair that is yours.

Alma: OK, it was me. But it was also Patricia.

George: OK, the sentence is 20 years to life in prison.

The girls were sentenced to prison for the attacks. No one to this day knows their motive.


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