Undécima Novela Negra – Celos


A Detective Short Story by Irene Garcia and Marina Fernandez

It was a normal day in Paris. Emily woke up to the barks of Chocolat, her dog. Making silly movements she put on her long black skirt and red shirt and she did her hair. She put on her red lipstick and her mascara. She was going to go out but she realized that it was cold outside so she put on her trench coat, her Mary Jane shoes and of course, her hat, which was covering her bun.

Walking with authority, she went to the café, and she asked for a vanilla latte with cream and cocoa and without sugar to go. After that she went to a bakery to buy a croissant. She left the bakery and she went to the office. Suddenly her boss, a big man with short black hair and green eyes wearing a black suit, told her that a new crime had been committed.

When he gave her all the information, she went to the crime scene. When she arrived at the Eiffel Tower, she looked up and she could only think about the bunch of steps she was going to climb. After a half an hour going up these stairs, Paul, a blonde nice guy with beautiful blue eyes who was strong and really handsome, was waiting for her and taking pictures of the crime scene.

They started talking.

  • Hi Em, how are you?
  • I’m really tired. Those stairs killed me.
  • Oh, this will kill you more – He showed her the cadaver.
  • Oh, God. What? I’ve just had breakfast.
  • Yeah, but we’ve seen worse things.
  • I guess you’re right.

They both looked down and saw a girl’s body with a flag sticking out of her back.

  • Paul, do you know what her name is?
  • She’s Anaïs. She was a 29-year-old broker.

Emily turned back and she saw a cup of wine thrown on the floor near a table. Paul told her:

  • It seems that she was dining with someone else. My theory is that this person pushed her and she fell over the flag.
  • I want you to look for DNA in the cup.
  • OK, I’m on it.

Emily didn’t want to look down. She was starting to feel dizzy so she went down the Eiffel Tower. She returned to the office and asked for more information about the victim. She was Anaïs, as Paul had told her, a 29-year-old broker. Her routine was really simple. From house to work and from work to home, so Emily asked for her address and went there. Anaïs’s house was really small but very cozy. Everything was in the right place. Nothing suspicious, Emily thought. Then, Emily decided to go to Anaïs’s office.  If Anaïs had any problem, it would be from the office.

On her way she saw a nice bakery with a lot of macaroons, croissants, and crepes but she couldn’t stop. When she arrived on the floor where all the employees were, she realized that Anaïs’s job was really boring. She went to talk with Anaïs’s boss. Basically, she told her that Anaïs was a real perfectionist and because of that, she unusually got very stressed. He also recommended that Emily talk with one of Anaïs’s best friends in the office: Charlotte.

Charlotte was very tall and extremely thin. She had bags under her eyes, probably from crying the whole day because of her friend’s murder. Eventually she told Emily the same thing that the boss had told her but suddenly Charlotte said:

  • Every afternoon she went to a bakery near here…I don’t know if you know it. It was has got macaroons, croissants…
  • And crepes! – said Emily. – I saw it coming here.
  • Yeah, well, once I went with her but I didn’t like it. The baker always stared at her and had a weird smile when he looked at Anaïs.
  • OK and do you know if she had any enemies or a boyfriend?
  • Actually she had a boyfriend. I think his name was Valentin. And enemies…well there was a girl named Rebecca that didn’t like her very much.
  • Why? – asked Emily
  • Well, Anaïs was a very good broker. Clients usually preferred her to Rebecca.
  • Is she working here now?
  • No, she is a cloistered nun. She found God.
  • Oh…OK! I mean…yeah…well thank you very much. I am sorry for your loss.

Emily went out of there thinking about the possible suspects: the boyfriend or the baker because the nun couldn’t have done it because she was already cloistered at the time. The best thing she could do was eat something. She couldn’t think on an empty stomach. She was very skinny although she ate a lot.

After a meal at a nearby restaurant she phone Paul. She explained everything to him and they talked about the suspects.

  • As I told you, we have two suspects: the boyfriend and the baker. Maybe there’s someone else.
  • Well, Em. I think we should interrogate the suspects. First, we can question the boyfriend because he was closer to her. In addition, I have just found Anaïs’s DNA in the cup.
  • OK, let’s meet at the fountain square in 5 minutes.

After waiting for 3 minutes, Paul appeared with a coffee. They went up the stairs of an old building where Charlotte said the boyfriend lived. They knocked on the door and when the door opened, a tall man appeared. He was blonde, with blue eyes and strong muscles. Paul started talking:

  • Police, identify yourself.
  • Nick Rogers.
  • That’s not what we’ve been told, Valentin.
  • No, I’m Nick Rogers. Look, here’s my ID card.
  • Well, you look exactly the same as the man in a picture we found in Anaïs’s wallet. – said Emily.

The man got quiet for a second.

  • Tell us everything. – said Paul
  • Did you kill her? – asked Emily pointing to the picture.
  • No, OK. I’ll tell you everything. I didn’t kill her. I was hired by a man. I am an actor. He paid me to become Anaïs’s boyfriend and yesterday I broke up with her at the top of the Eiffel Tower as the man told me to.

Suddenly Emily understood everything. She asked him if he could go to the bakery near there to recognize the man who killed Anaïs. When they arrived at the bakery, Nick said:

  • Yes, it was the baker. He told me that he was in love with her but she didn’t see him the same way. The plan was to break up with her to take his sweet revenge seeing her crying over an unrequited love.

When the baker heard that, he started running. He went out of the bakery and Paul started running after him. Paul threw him onto the floor and arrested him. At the police station, the baker confessed that he had killed her. He saw her drunk and crying on the top of the Eiffel Tower and pushed her to her death.

After this, Emily and Paul went to drink some coffee. On the way to the café Emily said:

  • I’m sorry for Anaïs. She was in love with a person that didn’t exist and after that a man who was secretly in love with her killed her.
  • Yes, it’s so sad. And also the baker…he was crazy but he was in love and she didn’t even know he existed.
  • I guess not everyone has a happily ever after.

At their favorite café a waiter brought them a cake with a message: “Will you marry me?”

Emily looked at Paul. He was on his knees holding a ring with a diamond in it.

  • Yes, – she said – I’ll marry you.



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