Duodécima Novela Negra

This story was written by Raul and Noel.

Everything was quiet. It was Sunday and everyone was at church and only a group of people were spending their time at the café. Suddenly something broke the silence. It was an explosion. Everyone came out of the church. Everything was confusing.

Fermin Ortuñez was at the police station when everything happened. He received some emergency calls from people that were shocked because of the explosion in Madrid´s poorest neighborhood. Fermin Ortuñez ran to the place where the explosion had happened. A group of policemen were waiting for Fermin because the captain had left and Fermin was in charge of the police force. Alfredo Ramirez was also there. Fermin hadn´t met him before but Alfredo knew of him because Fermin was really famous as a detective.

The people that were at the crime scene were sent home and Fermin started investigating. He found some parts of an electronic bomb. At first they thought it was a suicide bomber but the victim’s bodies would have been more destroyed than they were if the bomb had been from a suicide bomber.

Victims were identified and Fermin recognized a name in the list. It was an old friend. That shocked him and he decided to stop investigating for that day. The next day the funeral of the victims took place in Plaza Mayor. Fermin wanted to go to the funeral because he wanted to investigate and also because he wanted to honor his friend.

There were a lot of people. Nine people dead two days before. It was a hard day for Madrid. Fermin Ortuñez was listening to the eulogies when he saw some policemen talking with some of the witnesses. The witnesses were the baker, the café owner and the priest of the church. He asked them what they were talking about but they said it was confidential. Fermin didn’t like that answer but he didn’t feel like asking for explanations. When he was arriving at the police station he ran into Alfredo Ramirez and Ramirez gave Fermin information on the relationship of the victims to each other. Ortuñez discovered that his friend had been sitting in the café where the bomb had exploded with a person that worked for Franco.

After a day of investigating Fermin discovered that the man who had been talking with his friend was going to tell Fermin’s friend a secret about government payments to the Catholic Church.

Fermin put together the clues that he had and he discovered the reason for the explosion. He discovered that the priest witness was really the assassin. Everyone was at church but the priest was a witness, so he couldn’t have been at church in that moment. The case was closed because Fermin couldn’t tell the truth, because Franco and his thugs would have killed him for going against the Franco regime.


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