Octava Novela Negra

This story was written by Paula and Lucía

Chapter 1

Marina Dresden’s red skin showed through her nude makeup. She’d been crying since she found her mother dead that afternoon. Her blond hair was all knotty. She hadn’t gotten dressed.

Chapter 2

Two days earlier Marina had gone to university like a normal day. She got up at 6:00 a.m. She went to have breakfast. She ate eggs with bacon. She put on a dress, hose and heels. She was elegant and glamorous, like every day. She saw her roommate. Her roommate was asleep, or at least it looked that way. She waited for her roommate to get up. At 6:30 a.m. Rebecca John, Marina’s roommate, got up. She got dressed very fast and looked fantastic. They went together to their university and they talked about their families.

Rebecca started the conversation:

  • Do you have relatives?
  • Yes, why did you ask this question?
  • Just curious. I don’t have relatives near here.
  • Oh, I’m sorry, what happened to them?
  • I don’t want to tell you the story now, because it is very long and now we don’t have time.
  • OK, I have my sister here, my parents and a niece and a nephew.
  • Oh, you’re lucky.

Later, they spent some time in silence, and they arrived at university.

Chapter 3

At university Enrique, Marina’s secret love, wrote a letter to her. She was very nervous when she opened the letter. In the letter it said that he was falling in love with her. It said that he wanted to see her after class in the park. When the classes ended, Marina went to the park. She told Rebecca where she was going.

Chapter 4

When she went to the park she couldn’t find Enrique, she looked everywhere for him. After 3 hours she found a letter on a bench that said:

Dear Marina,

My true love, I am going to be late. I have personal problems and I can’t be here before 11 p.m. If I am not here at 23:30 p.m. you can go home. I love you.


Chapter 5

She waited for Enrique and he didn’t come so she went home. At her house she found her mother dead. As she was a detective she started to investigate the crime. She saw a broken mirror so she knew that in the crime there was a struggle. In the mirror she found a hair. She told the police to analyze the hair.

Chapter 6

The police discovered that the DNA of the hair belonged to Rebecca John, so the police arrested Rebecca. The loss of her mother was so painful that she would never get over it. Because she was so involved in her mother’s disappearance, she had completely forgotten about Enrique, her love. Enrique had given up on her and started to date her best friend. From that moment on, Marina stopped being friends with her. Rebecca had never been a friend. She was avenging the loss of her love, an ex-boyfriend Marina had stolen years ago.


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Séptima Novela Negra

This story was written by Sara and Alejandra.

Robert Dawson woke up with a headache. He hadn’t drunk much the night before. The night before he’d gone to a club with his friend, Ryan Atkins, to celebrate his friend’s new job working for a major bank. He last saw his friend on the dance floor talking to some blondes. He went home by himself but now he was worried. His friend usually called after a night out to go to breakfast but it was 1:00 p.m. and Ryan hadn’t sent him a message.

At 1:30 p.m. the phone rang. It was the police, his friend had died. Shocked, he dropped the phone. He couldn’t believe what he had heard. His friend, dead? He had just seen him less than 12 hours earlier. The police asked him to go to the police station. He went to the station to give a statement.

When he asked to talk to a policeman, a person talked to him to say that the police were waiting for him. He was very nervous.  The police told Ryan that they had an eye witness that had seen Ryan enter the bathroom of the club.

Ryan had been found in a bathroom stall with a plastic bag over his head. Robert had no alibi for that evening. He had gone home alone.

When he arrived at his house, he found his dead friend’s lover waiting for him. She asked what had happened but he couldn’t answer her because he didn’t remember anything.

One hour later two policeman called him and Rebecca, the lover. They went to the police station to give another statement. When they arrived at the police station they began to get nervous and then they separated them into two different rooms.

First the police talked with Rebecca. She didn’t answer any questions out of fear. But when the policemen asked Robert he told his version of the events. The police called an expert detective and when he arrived he found out who it was.

Rebecca drugged Robert and he killed Ryan because the drug manipulated his mind and he did whatever Rebecca told him to do. Rebecca didn’t love Ryan and loved Robert and needed to get out of the relationship.


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Sexta Novela Negra

This story was written by Clara and Bea.

Sandra Robinson was a popular girl. Everybody loved her. Friendly, cool, tall and a bit mysterious, at 1.75 m tall, she towered above the rest of her classmates. She was kind and elegant. She had blue eyes and blond, straight hair. She was skinny. Her eight was 50 kg. She liked wearing skinny jeans and a midriff. One day, Sandra Robinson found out that her teacher wouldn´t be coming to class. She told the news to all the class. The next day the principal talked to all the class about the teacher because the teacher had been murdered. Sandra though that she could investigate the crime because she was an amateur detective. She had started being a detective when she was twelve years old because one day a policeman arrested her because all theclues pointed to her and she discovered the murderer. The victim had been her best friend.

She started collecting clues about the crime. She thought that a student had killed him because Pedro Diaz, the teacher, had favorite students. Sandra Robinson asked her classmates about Pedro Diaz.

  • When was the last time that you saw him? – she asked Alberto
  • I saw him last night at the park near the abandoned factory. – answered Alberto
  • What was he doing? – asked Sandra.
  • I think he was waiting for someone – said Alberto
  • But who could he have been waiting for? – asked Sandra
  • It might have been Rocio because she was failing Math.
  • Thanks.
  • Let’s talk to her.

Sandra went to her house. The house was empty. They kicked the door down. Inside Sandra found finger prints on the door knob of Rocio’s bedroom. They belonged to Pedro Diaz. Rocio was dead. Sandra looked at the walls and she saw some photos. In the photos appeared the teacher and Rocio. Sandra returned to school and asked Jaime about the photos.

  • Jaime: hello!
  • Sandra: Can I ask you some questions?
  • Jaime: yes, of course!
  • Sandra: Do you know anything about these photos?
  • Jaime: Let me look at them.
  • Sandra: Here you are.
  • Jaime: Eh…Pedro and Rocio were…

Suddenly Andrea came up to them and covered his mouth shouting “shut up!”

  • Sandra: What’s the matter, Andrea?
  • Andrea: He can’t tell you anything.
  • Sandra: Why not?
  • Andrea: Rocio told me a secret about this and told me that I couldn’t say anything to anybody.
  • Sandra: If something was wrong would you tell me?
  • Andrea: But, is something wrong?
  • Sandra: Maybe.

Andrea was really nervous and said:

  • Sandra, what’s going on?
  • Sandra: Your best friend is dead.

Andrea started to cry and Sandra calmed her.

  • Andrea: Okay, okay. I will tell you everything but only if you solve the crime.
  • Sandra: Yes, I will do it.
  • Andrea: Pedro and Rocio were lovers.
  • Sandra thought: Oh my gosh.

Sandra discovered that Pedro had a wife. She went to the wife’s house and talked with his wife.

  • Sandra: Hello!
  • Wife: Hello, what do you want?
  • Sandra: I want to know about your husband, Pedro.
  • Wife: I don’t want to talk about that silly man.
  • Sandra: Ok, I will only tell you that he is dead.
  • Wife: Ok, I will answer all your questions.
  • Sandra: OK. We are going to start. Did you see anything strange about Pedro’s behavior?
  • Wife: Yes, a little bit. I think he has a lover.
  • Sandra: Where were you at 2:00 a.m.?
  • Wife: Are you saying that I murdered my husband?
  • Sandra: No, I’m not saying that. I only want to know where you were.
  • Wife: Oh, OK. I was with my sister in the park.
  • Sandra: OK. I only want to find Pedro’s murderer.

Then she thought about the abandoned factory that Alberto said Pedro had been near. She thought she should go to the abandoned factory. She arrived there and she saw a camera and a broken car.

She took the camera and saw that it was very old, but it still worked.

In the camera there was a video. She played it and discovered that the video was of the day that Pedro died. In the video she saw two men. One was Pedro and the other one was wearing a black poncho. In the video she couldn’t see the other man’s face. The video showed that the man in the car had run over Pedro.

The next day she was thinking about who the murderer could be. In her Math class she saw the Math’s teacher. He was carrying a bag. In the bag there was a…black poncho! In that moment Sandra understood that Ramon, the Math teacher, murdered Pedro Diaz because when Pedro came to that high school he became the Science teacher, a job that had belonged to Ramon. Pedro had taken his job. Rocio had been killed to make it look like a murder suicide by Pedro. The scandal would have kept him away from suspicion, if it hadn’t been for the black poncho he kept in his bag, and the video surveillance camera.