How long does it take to move up a level in English?

How long does it take to move up a level in English?

Esta es una pregunta bastante frecuente entre los adultos interesados en apuntarse a clase. Por lo general, un alumno necesita 90 horas de inglés para subir un nivel. Dicho eso, muchos de nosotros empezamos fuerte y luego nos borramos debido a conflictos de horario. Cuando paramos y aprendemos de nuevo lo que su momento ya dominábamos nos hace sentir que nunca vamos a mejorar.

This is a common question that most adults have when they come to see us. Normally, it takes 90 hours of classwork to improve a level. That being said, many of us start and stop English quite a bit. When we stop and then try to “relearn” what we already know, it makes us feel like we’re never going to improve.


Ten en cuenta que un curso escolar es el tiempo estandar que se tarda en mejorar un nivel y haz un plan realista de tu meta final.

Keep in mind that a course year is the typical time it takes to improve a level and plan accordingly.

making time

Asegúrate de hacer hueco en tu horario y en tu vida para para venir a clase. 

Pagar por clase es una cosa y venir a clase es otra. Ir a clase es parecido a ir al gimnasio. Puedes pagar por un año de gimnasio y no ponerte en forma. Lo mismo es cierto con el inglés. Cuanto más vengas a clase, más aprenderás. Conocerás a la gente de tu clase (6personas) y los grupos hacen peña lo cual es bastante motivador para ir a clase.

Alot yourself time to come to class. 

Paying for class is one thing and coming to class is another. Going to English is similar to having a gym membership. You can buy a gym membership and pay for the whole year and not get in shape. The same is true with English. The more you come, the more people you know in class, the more fun you have. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to seeing your friends instead of dreading English!

happy woman metro

Estudia y lee en el metro por la mañana o durante la hora del café

Intentar leer por la noche no es buena idea y tampoco es práctico. Por la mañana tienes energía y estás para comerte al mundo. Además, puedes hacer algo útil en las horas muertas de ida y vuelta al trabajo que simplemente leer las noticias españolas.

Study/read on the metro in the morning or during your coffee break.

Trying to study at night is not wise and not practical. In the morning, you’re energized and ready to take on the day. Plus, you can fill those long hours on your commute with something more interesting than the daily news.


Crea un ambiente de inmersión desde tu sofá a través de la tele, sobre todo con los telediarios. 

Estos programas de televisión te conectan con la cultura del país angloparlantes y te hace sentir miembro de su comunidad ya que ves sus triunfos, preocupaciones y tragedias. Conocimiento y empatía acerca de un país te animará a seguir aprendiendo el idioma.

Immerse yourself in the language through TV, especially news programs.

These programs connect you with the culture and allow you to feel a part of it, which will ecourage you to keep going.

Clase mayores 03

Cómo me puede ayudar The Warehouse? 

En The Warehouse, nuestros cursos escolares tienen 74 horas de media de clase al año. El curso, junto con las redacciones en inglés que se hace fuera de clase son suficientes para empujarte al siguiente nivel. Animamos a nuestros alumnos a hacer otros deberes que no son necesarios para seguir la clase y tenemos varias actividades a lo largo del año para practicar el inglés fuera de clase también. Un curso intensivo también te puede dar un empujón con tal de que tengas el tiempo y la energía para abordarlo.

How can The Warehouse help me?

At The Warehouse, our courses are 74 hours long, on average. The course, combined with hours spent studying is sufficient to push you on to the next level. Intensive courses can be helpful provided you have the time and energy to dedicate to them.


‘Pero si me mudase al extranjero, aprendería mucho más rápido.’

Hablando desde la experiencia de haberme mudado a otro país, conozco de primera mano los beneficios de una inmersión total en un idioma. Desafortunadamente, sin una base de gramática adecuada, es muy difícil mejorar con rapidez, incluso viviendo en un país anglosajón. Es por es que existe la expresión “broken English”.

¿Conoces a alguien que lleva mucho tiempo en España pero aún así comete fallos gordos de conjugación y es difícil entender lo que quieren decir?

Las necesidades que uno tien para expresarse y sobrevivir en un idioma dicta lo que muchos aprenden y utilizan en otro idioma. El resultado es un tope de aprendizaje.

 “But if I moved abroad, I would learn much quicker.”

As someone who has moved abroad and continues to live in a foreign country, I can attest to the fact that one learns in an intense way while living abroad. Unfortunately, without a good base of knowledge regarding grammar, it is difficult to improve quickly, even living abroad, hence the term “broken English”.

Have you ever met someone who has lived in Spain for years but still does not speak very well?

Language learning is tied to needs and interest, and without those to things, fossilization occurs, which is the “estancamiento del nivel” in English.


Haz un cambio para mejor este otoño y haz hueco en tu horario para dos horas semanales de inglés durante dos años y verás lo lejos que puedes llegar con tu meta! 

Inscripciones empiezan el 5 de septiembre. El curso empieza el 19 de septiembre. Nos puedes llamar a 629736023  mandarnos un mail a para más información.

Make a change for the better this Autumn and commit yourself to two hours a week for one year and see how far you can get! 

Signups for The Warehouse Madrid classes start September 1st. Classes start September 14th. Visit our website for more information.

Tercera Novela Negra

This story was written by Noa, Daniela and Julia 


Brandon: He is a mermaid detective who lives with his six sisters, his mother and his father.

Brandon’s sister: Her name’s Alexandra. She has blonde hair and green eyes.

The Gluglu: It’s the name of place where the mermaids called gluglus live.

Brandon got up in Gluglu just like every other day. He was brushing his blonde blue-tipped hair when his father entered the bathroom. He said to him that he couldn’t find Brandon’s sister. They left the bathroom and started to look for her. They went to look for her around the town and they found her in a cave. There she was, at the back of the cave with her blonde hair and her green now lifeless eyes. As soon as they found her, Brandon started to cry because he was very attached to her. They investigated the dead body and they decided to look for clues but first they saw some whale fat at the bottom of the cave. They went to the queen whale’s cage. They started the list with possible suspects and they wrote the name of the whale’s babysitter and the person who feeds the whale.

They interrogated the whale’s babysitter and the person who feeds the whale but they had an alibi. They didn’t have any clues or more suspects so they decided to look for clues in the crime scene.

Brandon’s mother decided to help them and they found a camera but the mother wanted to delete the video and Brandon stopped her.

Brandon: Give me the camera, mother. We have to see the fingerprints on the camera.

Mother: Never!

Brandon: Why not, mother?

Mother: I have to erase this. You can’t see it.

Brandon: Mother, what do you have to hide? What do you know about Alexandra’s death?

Mother: Don’t watch the video. I don’t know anything but you can’t see your dead sister.

Brandon: I have to see it. I have to know how she died.

Mother:  Alright, it was me. Don’t watch the video. I was taking a walk when I saw your sister killing a whale because she wanted its fat. You know that my mother was a whale. I couldn’t let her do it so I took a knife and I killed her.

Brandon arrested his mother.

Brandon: You have the right to be silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can’t afford one, one will be assigned to you.

Brandon’s mother went to court and was found guilty. She went to jail for 20 years. Brandon buried his sister and never spoke with his mother again.


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