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Es muy importante que el asunto tenga la palabra “Redacción” (con «cc» y con tílde) para que vaya a la carpeta correcta de nuestro email. Cuando las redacciones nos llegan, las corregimos en orden de llegada. Las devolvemos también por email. Tardamos de una a dos semanas.

* Servicio sólo para actuales estudiantes de The Warehouse Madrid.

Ejemplo de ejercicio corregido:



A1 – Starter

  1.  Introduce yourself.
  • What’s your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What are your hobbies?
  1. Write about your best friend.
  • What’s his/her name?
  • Where is he/she from?
  • Where does he live?
  • What does he/she do for a living?
  • What are his/her hobbies?
  1. Write about your favorite foods and drinks.
  2. Write about things you have and things you don’t have.
  3. Describe your favorite painting. Use “there is” and “there are”
  4. Describe your last birthday party. Use “there was” and “there were”
  5. Write about next weekend. Use “be going to”

A2 – Elementary

  1. Write about your family.
  2. What do you usually do on a normal day? Write about your routines. Write the time of the day you do them at.
  3. Write a dialogue between a waiter and a client at a bar. Use “Can I have…?” and “Would you like…?”
  4. Write an interview between you and someone famous.
  5. Write a dialogue between you and your doctor.
  6. Write an email to a friend who’s living abroad (in another country).
  7. Why do think people like complaining about everything?
  8. Choose 5 children from the picture and describe what they are doing. Use Present Continuous. img002

B1 – Pre-Intermediate

  1. Write a short paragraph explaining your daily routine. Write down all the things you do. Then, reflect on whether or not you should ¨slow down¨ more. Do you think you are too stressed? Why or why not?
  2. Write a short paragraph explaining how people act in your town.
    • Do they wait patiently at the supermarket?
    • Do they talk loudly in bars?
    • Do they go to church regularly?
    • Do they help their neighbors frequently?
    • Do they walk or do exercise regularly?
  3. Talk about the craziest experience you’ve ever had in your life? Where were you? What happened?
  4. Can you think about a time in your life when you were very adventurous? What did you do? Who were you with?
  5. Tell me about the most amazing monument you’ve ever seen. Why was it so amazing?
  6. Write about your favorite place in the world. It can be your own living room sofa or the Eiffel Tower. Why is it your favorite place?
  7. What was your relationship like with your parents when you were a teenager? Can you remember a particularly difficult moment?
  8. What are some things that your parents want you to do? Have children? Let them move in? Write a short paragraph about what your parents would like you to do as an adult.
  9. Write about a special family memory that you have of your childhood. .
  10. What food habits have you changed in the last few years? What things have you stopped eating? What things have you started eating?
  11. Write about a trip to the supermarket/market. What do you buy? Who do you talk to?
  12. Can you talk about the last meal you had at a restaurant? Who did you go with? What did you eat? How long did you stay there?
  13. What are your plans for the next week? Try to write them using Present Continuous.
  14. Write a story about a problem that you had once and how you solved it. Was it difficult? Did anyone help you?
  15. When was the last time you gave advice to someone? What was it about? Did the person listen to your advice or ignore it?
  16. Write a paragraph explaining how you use or don’t use social networking to communicate with your friends.
  17. Talk about the oldest friend you have. How long have you known that person? Where did you meet him/her?
  18. How did your parents meet? Are they still married or are they divorced? How would you describe their relationship?
  19. Have you recently met up with someone from your past? What was it like? Was it a good experience? How long had it been since you’d seen them last?
  20. Talk about a regret that you’ve had in life. If you could go back and do it all again, would you?
  21. Write a paragraph like the following one, using 2nd conditional
    • If I had a dog, I would exercise more. If I exercised more I would be fitter. If I were fitter, I would feel better about myself. If I felt better about myself, I would be more positive…
  22. Write about a bad experience with technology. Did your computer break down? Did your tablet freeze up? What did you do to fix it?
  23. Do you consider yourself to be tech-savvy (se te da bien la tecnología)? Write why or why not.
  24. Have you ever had your purse stolen? What about your wallet? Did you do anything to protect your identity?

B1-B2 – Intermediate.

  1. Do you think laughing is a way to better health? Why?
  2. Write a short paragraph about a new fad (something de moda) that you really hate. Explain why.
  3. Does your company/school have lots of rules? What are some of the rules/regulations that your company/school abides by (adheres to). Write a list of the things that you must or mustn’t do at your company/school.
  4. Tell a story about the worst dinner you ever ate/cooked. What did you make/eat? Why was it so terrible?
  5. Your friend has just told you that he/she’s been made redundant (been laid off) at work. Write an email expressing your sympathy and offer to take him/her out to lunch to catch up and strategize over networking for her next job.
  6. You friend, Bob, is visiting from the United States but he doesn’t have much money. Write a short email to your friend, Bob, telling him the cheapest and best places to go in Madrid.
  7. What’s the best holiday (vacation) you’ve ever been on? Why? Write a short story recapping (summarizing) the best vacation you’ve ever had and why.
  8. Have you ever been to a football game? What was it like? How did the fans behave? The British refer to football fans as “hooligans”. Do you think this holds true for Spanish football fans? Why or why not?
  9. You´ve just found the best flat really close to your own house in the city. Your friend is looking to move house and you think it would be the perfect place for him/her. Write a letter to your friend comparing the house you’ve found for your friend with the house he/she currently lives in.
  10. What are the most prized pieces of furniture that you have in your home? Why are they special to you? Do you have specific memories associated with these pieces that make them memorable? Write a short paragraph describing the pieces of furniture that make your house a home. Be sure to include descriptive details about the furniture as well as adjectives describing how your home makes you feel.
  11. Pretend that you’re teaching someone to do a daily household chore for the first time. Explain to that person (a spouse, a child, a roommate) how to do the chore step by step.
    • Example: Ironing Clothes. My husband HATES ironing clothes. It’s probably his LEAST favorite household chore.  Sometimes I just don’t have enough time to iron all of his shirts for work so last week I taught him how to iron his own clothes. After taking him through the steps, he promised to do anything in the house but ironing! This is what I taught him.
    • Step One: Set up the ironing board. Make sure it’s steady and at a good level for your height.
    • Step Two: Plug in the iron and fill it with water.
    • Step Three: Take the shirt and iron the collar, pressing the steam button on the iron until you have the desired effect on the shirt (a wrinkle free collar).
    • Step Four: Place the shirt sideways on the ironing board and iron each part of the shirt (the front with the buttons, part of the back, the other part of the back, the other part of the front).
    • Step Five: Iron the shoulders of the shirt by inverting the sleeves.
    • Step Six: Iron the sleeves of the shirt by folding them in half.
    • Step Seven: Hang your shirt!
  12. Cause and Effect. Everyone likes to have a good day. What makes for a good day for you? Write out a list of causes and effects which add up to a good day for you.
    • Example:  A good day for me starts with a good night’s sleep. I feel terrible all day if I don’t get enough sleep. I like to get a good 9 hours of sleep in if I can the night before a very important day. When I wake up in the morning, I go straight for the coffee pot. If I don’t get my coffee in the morning, I’m grumpy and sleepy all day and I might even end up with a headache! While I drink my coffee I usually try to watch the news. I don’t really feel in touch with my city and the world for that day unless I watch the news. A good morning for me makes for a great day.
    • Example: If I don’t leave for work early, I’m a nervous wreck all day. I also can’t really work well unless I have my cell phone. I get nervous if I feel someone might be trying to get a hold of me and I don’t at least know about it. A good day for me starts with all the essentials: extra time, all my important items (cell phone, wallet, keys, lesson plans for the day). Without these I can have a really horrible day!
  13. Write about something you’re terrible at. Tell why. Have you thought of taking classes to improve your skills?
  14. Write about three things in your life that you couldn’t live without (possessions). Why are these things important to you? How would your life be different if you didn’t have these things?
  15. Write a short news article about a current event happening in your town/city. Be sure to use the passive tense.
  16. Look in your kitchen cupboard. What items do you have too much of? What items do you have a small quantity of? What items are missing?
    • Example: In my kitchen cupboard there’s always garlic on hand. As an American trying to learn Spanish cuisine, I’ve come to recognize garlic as an essential ingredient in many dishes. I always have a lot of milk on hand, as my husband has it for breakfast every morning. We currently have hardly any fruit. I always forget to buy enough fruit for the week. I’ve got loads of paper towels (we often use them as napkins) and loads of chocolate (our favorite dessert). We’ve probably got too much tea! For not being English we sure enjoy our tea!
  17. How do you feel about organic produce? Do you think that most organic produce is healthier than non-organic produce? Do you know a lot of people who eat organic foods? Write a small paragraph talking your personal opinion and experience with organic food.
  18. Write a short letter to the office of your general practitioner (médico cabecera) complaining about your symptoms and ask him to see you as soon as possible.
  19. Describe someone you know. Attach a picture if you’d like.
    • Example: My little niece Julia is such a doll! She describes herself as “a little big” as she is the smallest in the family at 2 years old. She has short wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her skin is fair and she has a round face. In this picture she is wearing a green dress and she has her hair up in two pigtails. Each pigtail has a green ribbon to match her dress. She looks happy, don’t you think?
  20. Your boss would like you to work the Christmas holiday this year. Normally you wouldn’t mind but this year you’ve planned a holiday in Ireland and you’ve already bought the plane tickets. Write your boss an email explaining why you really can’t work Christmas and offer some type of solution. (Why don’t, How about, etc.)
  21. The following is a letter from your boss telling you what to do for the following week. Report what your boss has told you in an email to your colleague, Jenna.

“Dear _____,

This week I’d like you to clean out the company email leaving only emails from this year. The rest of the emails I would like you to delete. I have already stored them on my computer. I’d also like you to clean your work space. Please throw out all old expense reports. I also need you to prepare the sales pitch for the upcoming meeting next week. Be sure to wear a nice suit to the meeting. Lastly, I’d like you to empty all the expired food from the break room and place a sign telling employees not to bring anything they don’t plan consuming that day at work.

Thanks so much!”

Your boss

  1. Write a paragraph about the parts of your English level that you wish were better using the grammar form “I wish”.
    • Example: I wish I could speak more fluently in English. I wish I could understand movies in English enough to watch them without subtitles. I wish my partner would speak to me in English so I could practice more.

B2 – Upper-Intermediate

  1. Write a short paragraph about your first day of English class. If you can’t remember your first day, write about your first day of English class in High School (in middle school, at an academy etc). What was your teacher’s name? Could you understand what the teacher was saying? Did anything memorable happen that day?
    • Example: I remember my first day of SPANISH class quite clearly. I was 14 years old and I’d just entered high school. I was in Spanish I class (1st year Spanish class) and it was one of the only classes I had which had mixed levels in it (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors). My teacher’s name was Señora Ekblad. That was her married name. Her first name was Rocio. She was a Mexican American from Brownsville, Texas. She had a big family and her husband was from Eastern Europe. Her child was going to be tri-lingual. On our first day of class, the teacher had us learn the alphabet. We must have practiced the alphabet for what seemed like the entire class period. At the end of the class she announced quite brazenly: “There, now you can read every word in the Spanish language!” I thought: “This lady is nuts”. Now, I realize she was right. Because Spanish is a phonetic language, 11 years ago I was taught all the sounds (except for diphthongs) that I’d ever need to speak Spanish.
  2. Have you ever cheated on an exam? Do you know someone that has? What did you/he/she do? Did you/he/she get caught? Write a short story explaining what you/she/he did and what happened afterwards. There is an expression in English that goes: “cheaters never prosper”? Do you think this is true? Why or why not?
    • Example: I’ve never cheated on an exam, that I can recall but I DO have a good cheating story. I girl I know last year on day saw the exam for the next day in the teacher’s folder. A friend of hers happened to have the exact same folder and when the teacher left the room, she swapped folders with the teacher leaving her folder where the teacher’s folder was. The teacher returned, and because the identical folder was on his desk, he didn’t notice anything amiss. The teacher left the room again and my friend took out her mobile phone and started taking photos of all the pages on the upcoming exam in the teacher’s folder. Just in the nick of time before the teacher got back, the girls managed to place the proper folder back on the teacher’s desk. As luck would have it, however, most of the pages came out blurry on the camera phone and only half of a page of the test was legible. In the end the girls ended up studying just like they would for any exam. They were familiar, however, with about 6 questions on that one page that came out clearly, so their daring (if not delinquent) behavior wasn’t in vain.
  3. Write out your schedule. What do you do on Mondays? On Tuesdays? At the weekend/on the weekend (US)? If you could change your schedule, what would you change? Would you add more night activities such as pottery or jewelry making classes? After writing your schedule, talk about what your ideal schedule would be. Be sure to use the conditional tense when you talk about your ideal day.
    • Example: On Mondays I head to school around 9 o’clock in the morning and I stay there until 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I come back home on the bus and I make lunch for myself. Lunch usually consists of some type of frozen meal that I made for myself the week before. I heat it up while I watch the 24 hour news channel. Then I head down to the academy and prepare for my evening classes.
    • My ideal schedule on Mondays would be not working at the high school and instead doing yoga in the mornings at my local yoga instructor’s studio. Then, I would prepare for the academy in the morning and still have time to take a nap before evening classes!
  4. Describe your life 10 years ago. What’s changed? What’s stayed the same?
    • Example: Ten years ago, I was 15 years old so a lot has changed for me since then. When I was 15 I would play softball all the time. I was usually on about 3 different softball teams during the summer: one recreational team, one high school team and one travel team. Sports used to keep me quite busy. Now, I don’t play softball. I like to think that that’s because I live in Madrid where softball is not very popular, but I doubt I would dedicate time to playing softball even if I lived in the U.S.
    • Example: Ten years ago, I had bangs (a fringe). My sisters used to tell me that my forehead was gigantic and that I had to compensate with bangs. Now, I don’t wear bangs. Lucky for me, a boyfriend when I was 16 told me I didn’t need to wear bangs (they don’t suit me).
  5. Talk about a change in your life. It could be moving from one city to another or just changing apartments. It could be changing jobs, or a new baby. What have you got used to already? What is still hard to get used to?
    • Example: In May of 2008 I came to Madrid as a student and with a culture change as big as moving to a new country, some things took a little getting used to. I had to get used to hearing Spanish everywhere: on the subway, in the grocery store, and even in my home! I wasn’t used to speaking Spanish or even watching TV in Spanish. Now, I can watch TV for hours in Spanish and I don’t get tired. It’s actually entertaining. Before, it was so hard, I would get a headache after watching the evening news! In 2008, I wasn’t used to Spanish cuisine. Now, I eat a fish with its head still intact on my plate no problem. I’m even used to cooking a few things myself! I can make a Spanish Tortilla and even Spanish Lentils!
  6. How could you better organize your own life?
    • Example:  I am a giant procrastinator. I can put things off and off until I finally do them. I was a huge procrastinator in college and even with my master’s degree (although to a lesser extent). I think the idea of “putting holes in a task” is a great idea. I also give myself little rewards for doing things that I really dread, like ironing cloths. I try to make the task more agreeable while I do it by playing my favorite country music from the U.S. (which my husband can’t stand). I also use quite often the “energy levels” theory of different times of the day. I am not a morning person, I need my coffee and my news feed while I sip my American-size cup of Joe and THEN I am ready to start my day. I think I am most effective in the afternoon, so that’s when I like to do most of my work. Of all the tasks listed the “making lists” one is one that I should use more often. I could really prioritize my time better that way and perhaps “put off” important things less by making a list. I think I’ll try making lists more often.
  7. Tell a story about “what might have been”. A “what might have been” story is an impossible story because its outcome has already been determined. Something happened. However, if you hadn’t done this, than this “something” wouldn’t have ever happened.
    • Example: I was 15 years old and going to my first formal dance with my friend Eric. Eric was a nice boy from my school and I thought he was cute, a good friend to take as a date to the winter formal. I went to dinner before the dance with three girlfriends and their dates. After dinner, my friend Abby came up to me and whispered that Eric had bought me tiny diamond earrings! Earrings! I wasn’t even dating the kid! It freaked me out so much that I avoided him all night. Meanwhile, this boy I liked, Josh, was super jealous that I had gone to formal with Eric instead of him. He cornered me in the lobby and professed his undying love for me. Ok, not his undying love, but his undying “like” for me. We kissed and started dating that night. We dated for three year. If Eric hadn’t bought me diamond earrings, I wouldn’t have avoided him all night, and perhaps I would never have kissed Josh. The next three years would have been very different.  Funny to think what a little thing like diamond earrings can do.
  8. Have you ever been a victim of theft? Do you know someone who has? What did they do? How did they handle the situation?
    • I knew a girl in my Law class my senior year of college who had been a victim of identity theft. I knew nothing about identity theft until I met her. It’s been a nightmare for her ever since her identity was stolen. She has paid hundreds of dollars to lawyers in order to try to reestablish her good name. Her credit, at the young age of 22, was ruined. This will affect her ability to buy a home or a car in the future. It can even affect her future employment. Seeing her speak about her situation really made me think about how important our “identity” really is an all that it implies. I still shop online, but now I am more careful with the information I put out there for all to see.
  9. Do you know of any urban legends? Can you tell the tale?
  10. Write a very short book report on the last novel/book that you’ve read. Include the author’s name, the title of the book, a short summary of the plot and whether or not you’d recommend the book to your classmates.
  11. Consider two restaurants near your house that you’ve frequented. Compare the restaurants. Which restaurant has a more attractive interior? Which restaurant has better service? Which one has better food? Which one has more customers? Which one do you frequent more often?
  12. What will you be 5 five years from now? What job will you have? Where will you be living? Write a short paragraph about what your life will be like 5 years from now.
  13. What are some ways in which you could reduce your carbon footprint? What are some ways your community could do so? Write a small paragraph talking about the ways in which your community could reduce its impact on the environment.
  14. Have you ever travelled to a foreign country? What are some of the things that natives from that country did that you felt were odd or strange compared to your own culture?
    • Example: When I first came to Spain I found the idea of eating at 3:00 in the afternoon to be WAY TO LATE for me. The idea of eating, then taking a siesta then getting up and working in the afternoon to me seems like a very inefficient way of doing business. Then, I was introduced to the Spanish summer and I realized that at midday it’s just too hot to do anything but sleep most of the time, and that is why summer vacation in August is also so important. Working efficiently in Spain means working with the climate, not against it. Spanish evenings are cooler which means more people are willing to shop later which means businesses break in the middle of the day to eat and open in the evening. Now that I’ve lived long enough in Spain I understand this schedule, although I will admit that eating a huge meal at 3:00 in the afternoon and then a light dinner is still a challenge for me, and usually I’ll eat an earlier dinner if I can and a lighter lunch. On the weekends, after a big family meal, I’ll indulge in a nice siesta. As the expression goes: “If you can’t beat them, join them”!
  15. What are you doing this weekend? What might you do this weekend? What are you DEFINITELY going to do this weekend?
  16. Do you have any codes you use in your home?
    • In English and American homes, most young children can’t read until at least the age of 5 and Spelling is a subject in school along with Math and Science. As English is not a phonetic language, many adults spell out words to their significant other as a way of disguising a conversation in front of their young children. Children don’t usually catch on, but you have to be careful! If children are used to a set verbal phrase, they may be able to decipher from context!
      1. Theresa: “Dad, do want to take the girls to the P-A-R-K?”
      2. Olivia: “We’re going to the PARK! Hurray!”
  1. What are your habits when it comes to flying? Do you buy a book and read on the plane? Do you watch the in-flight movie? Do you chat with the person sitting next to you?
    • I have a couple of habits that I’ve picked up when I fly. When I fly out of Chicago to go to Madrid, I always stop at Starbucks and order the tallest cup of hot green tea they offer. This usually lasts a good two hours and keeps me awake for a couple of hours on the flight. During that time, I’m usually fed dinner and then I try to sleep. If I fly Iberia, I always ask for a beer. I think somehow that this is going to help me sleep. I used to start a conversation with my neighbor when I flew alone but I soon realized that once you start a conversation on a plane it’s hard to stop. More than once, I’ve spent all 9 hours talking to the person next to me!
  2. Think back to Spain (or any other country you’d like to talk about) in the 1950’s. How has it changed? How has it stayed the same?
    • Example: I think that the U.S. has changed in many ways since the 1950’s. Back in the 1950’s most women worked at home and wore dresses. Now, most women feel free to wear pants, even to weddings and other formal events. Women make up over 50% of college graduates and most women work, although some moms still choose to stay at home. In the 1950’s the vacuum and the dishwasher were the “modern age” appliances. Now, the Ipad, the Ipod, the Droid and other “smart” devices have forever changed the way we interact and do business. The 1950’s was all about everyone having the “American dream” which meant a house and a job. I think people are still fighting for the “American dream” today.
  3. Write out a phone conversation
  4. Imagine that a friend of yours needs an intervention. Pick a vice: gambling, smoking, drinking, spending too much money, etc. Create an imaginary dialogue with “tough love” to set your friend straight.
  5. We all have regrets. Name 5 things in the past week that you wish you had done differently.
  6. Tipping in the United States is very different from tipping in Spain. What else is different when it comes to the service industry? Do a little research on the U.S. (the internet, ask American friends, think back to some American movies) and compare the differences between dining out in Spain and dining out in the U.S. What about the cost of a movie? What about the cost of a haircut? What other goods or services do you use in Spain that perhaps aren’t as common in the U.S. or vice versa?
  7. Pretend that you’re a member of the academy (Academy Awards) or a member of the committee that decides who wins a Goya. Write a short letter for or against the candidacy of a famous actor/actress. Explain your reasoning.
  8. Write an email to a friend of yours that you haven’t seen in a while. Invite him/her to do something with you next weekend. Include option on the places where you could go and be sure to make it clear that the choice is up to him/her. Suggest meeting times.
  9. Write about a couple of things that you’ve “had done” recently in paragraph form. Did they turn out better than if you’ done it yourself? Alternatively, write about some things you’ve done yourself recently instead of hiring someone to do them for you. Was this the correct choice looking back? Would you have had something done for you that you did yourself?
  10. Write about where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing at this time next month. Will you still be working at your same job? Will you be purchasing anything new or expensive? Will you be making any new life change?
  11. Write an advertising proposal for your favorite brand of coffee/tea/soda. How would you market the product? TV? Internet?
  12. Your friend has the worst luck dating. He/she has tried numerous times to connect with people in bars and on online dating services and doesn’t seem to have any luck. Write him/her an email suggesting some unconventional places where he /she could meet a nice person. Perhaps you could even set your friend up on a blind date!
  13. Write your C.V. out in English. Be sure to include a cover letter.

C1 – Advanced

  1. You have a book club. You’re friend, Pete, would like to join your group. Write a persuasive letter in the form of an email to your fellow members persuading them to let Pete join the club. Be sure to include qualities about Pete that would make him a good match for the club. Use connecting words like (also, as well, too, besides, what’s more, not only) to transition your thoughts.
  2. Think back to the past week and write a small anecdote on an encounter that you had with someone in the service industry (waiters, hairdressers, shop attendants). How did they treat you? Do you agree that sales attendants and waitresses have a tendency to be “fake nice” in Spain? Draw a conclusion on whether or not people are “fake nice” in the service industry in Spain.
  3. Write a short news article on a remarkable person in your life. Make sure to write the article in 3rd person.
  4. Make a small brochure for some place you’ve visited that you just love and would recommend to family and friends. Include why they should go and what they shouldn’t miss while they are there.
  5. Write a small essay on your ideal day. What would you do? Where would you go? What would you eat? Be sure to use the conditional tense.
  6. Do you think that there are leaders and followers in life? Which type are you? Write an essay about a real or imaginary person who is either a leader or a follower or both.
  7. Write a headline that includes one of the following phrases: “due to”, “set to”, “about to”, “on the verge of”, or “to” about something happening in your neighborhood or city. Write a short article relating the event. Include a picture if you wish.
  8. Reread the article on p. 39. Do you enjoy living in the city? Write a short paragraph citing the pros and cons of living in a city.
  9. Imagine you could interview you favorite English-speaking actor. What would you ask him/her? Write a short set of interview questions to prepare for your interview. Be sure to include questions about how he/she got his/her start in show business, the films he/she has been a part of and what projects he/she would like to participate in the future.
  10. Do you have any vices? Any addictions to anything, like cigarettes or chocolate? Have you ever managed to overcome any vice that was unhealthy? How did you do it? Write a short paragraph about you or someone you know and the vice/unhealthy addiction or habit that he/she had and how he/she managed to overcome it.
  11. Write an essay discussing the three most important aspects of any job for you personally and the three least important factors in any job for you personally. Some of these job aspects may include but are not limited to: sick days, a good income, good work environment, the type of job you have (tasks demanded of you).
  12. What was your first job? What did you like about it? What did you hate about it? How does your current job compare to your first job?
  13. Spanish people live considerably longer than most other nationalities. Compare the Spanish lifestyle with the lifestyle of Americans, Brits and Germans. Name the differences you see among the four countries. Draw conclusions as to why Spaniards might live longer than these other nationalities. You may use secondary research if you’d like.
  14. Tell a story with a twist in it.
  15. How do you feel about rehabilitation efforts for prison convicts? Are they a good idea or a bad idea? Write a position encouraging or discouraging your local councilman/councilwoman.
  16. Write an email to a long lost friend. Explain what you’ve been doing for the past 10 years since you’ve seen him/her. Plan a time when the two of you can meet to reconnect
  17. Prepare a 5-10 minute speech about a topic that interests you to perform in front of your classmates.
  18. Your internet service provider has charged you with a “maintenance fee” of 90 euros. Write a letter complaining to the company demanding a refund.
  19. You airline company offers a “frequent flyer program” which has just been discontinued. You had enough points accumulated from your frequent trips overseas to pay for an intercontinental flight. Write a letter to the company asking for some type of compensation.
  20. Research different ways to learn a language (Rosetta Stone, Academies, overseas travel). According to your research, what’s the best way to learn a language? What are the various factors that can affect your language acquisition? Conclude your essay with a suggestion as to the best way to learn a language and the steps that students can take to better their fluency in a second language.

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